September 20, 2013


I love to travel.  Im not much of a home body and thoroughly enjoy all aspects of travel. Airports don't bother me,  I love to fly,  road trips are cool and I love my motorcycle. 
I've spent the last 10 days on a 3000 mile journey riding with friends,  riding alone,  meeting new friends and visiting with friends/family I haven't seen in many years.
I believe that God kept me safe. I thank him for the guidance and choices i made.
10 days,  many different conditions,  and only 1 blow out.

Day 10

Is there something seriously wrong with me or is everyone like this?
Whenever I hike, bike ride, or motorcycle ride it's impossible for me to end up short of a number.  I've hiked 13.3 miles only to hike another 1.7 to reach 15.  I've bicycle ridden 48.3 only to ride around the block a dozen times to reach 50. I was in Sutter,  California on my final night of my ride.  I was on mile 2827 with only 100 miles to roll.   How and where do I get 73 more miles. I did a few Google map routes and ended up with this route.  20 to 16 to 5 to home.  Ive always liked the Capay Valley so that's the route I took.  When I reached Manteca I was still 10 miles short so I went to AAA to join.
Total Miles was 3003.
I then spent the last two nights in Pacific Grove with Cindy just hanging out sitting by the ocean,  going on the 17 mile drive then drinks at Pebble Beach.

Day 9

Day 9 has no pictures because there was very little to shoot. The first 200 miles of of the day were quite challenging.  I woke up in Brookings to a light rain. The 100 miles between Brookings and Arcata featured rain, fog, wind, obvious wet roads and commuters.
I stopped at a little cafe to warm up and get a bite in Orick Ca; changed socks and gloves to dry off.
I headed east on 299 all the way to Redding and met my sister in law Teri Baxter (she was married to my first wife's (rip) Debbie's brother Steve Baxter (rip)) Steve and I were like brothers for many many years. He was "fried chicken" and I was "Turtle Boy". He was a great guy, an avid outdoorsman and took me many times out on lake shasta on one of his boats. Teri and I had a great visit and caught up on a how all the kids and rest of the family are doing. 
From Redding I wanted to go back to Burney falls and thru Lassen but nasty thunderstorms got in my way.  My riding partners from the beginning of this ride had offered me a bed for the night so I was able to roll to Sutter for the night. Total day was 372 miles.  A definite travel day.

September 16, 2013

Ahhhhh. Day 8

I have many interests besides riding my motorcycle.   I also enjoy golf,  swing dancing,  the ocean , hiking,  did I mention golf?  riding bicycle among a few others.
Today was 3 of my favorites.  My motorcycle,  the ocean,  and golf. 
One of my favorite courses in the world is Salmon Run in Brookings oregon.  I played with rental clubs and sandals and still carded a 93.

Day 7

I guess Im not very creative with my titles.  Day this and day that.  But who cares?
Day 6 started in Vancouver Washington just north of Portland.  The ride was pretty uneventful and made it to Roseburg before heading to the coast.  I had an important stop to make on the way. Family friends Steve and Cathy Moe live in Myrtle Creek near Coos bay.  I had an address but no number.  I hadn't seen either of thrm since 1975. I was just a dorky kid in high school snd Steve and Cathy were two of the many "older" cool people i hung out with while working at ESS. I stopped by the house and startled Steve and we visited for a while.  Cathy was in coos bay and Steve called her and I was able to meet her there.  A short visit turned into 2 hours.  It was a Great Visit. Then I rode into Bandon for the night.

September 15, 2013

Day 6

I was encouraged  to take highway 20 known as The Northern Cascade highway.   In fact Woody had guaranteed I would enjoy it.  He even told me that if I didn't enjoy it that he would reimburse my gas money. I stayed Friday night in Winthrop Washington and started my trek westward.  The 80 miles between Winthrp and Marblemount were some of the most scenic that I've ever seen.   That stretch took 3 hours due to so many picture stops. It was truly incredible.  I continued west to highway 9 and headed south for about 50 or so miles.  The highway 9 runs parallel to highway 5 all the way into the east part of Seattle. I stayed on highway 9 until I reached Woodinville Washington and had a great burger at Teddy's Bigger Burger. Then I had to pick up the 405 and it was absolutely horrible going through the east part of Seattle.  I wanted to go over Whitby island then go south from there. However, rain was coming into the area. Although I don't mind riding in the rain it's not one of my favorite surfaces to ride on. I made the painstakingly decision the  head down highway 5 into Vancouver Washington. That is where I ended up staying the night. It was a very long and eventful day on the bike.

September 14, 2013


A major aspect of travel that I enjoy is the newness of it all. Parts of this trip have been on familiar roads with familiar people.  I had the honor of meeting a couple of Rick and Carrie friends (Woody and Colene along with Colene sister Maureen) I also got to ride on some great roads in Idaho and Montana.
The remainder of the trip I'm riding by myself.  Rick and Carrie want to be home in time for hunting season to open next weekend. Woody told me of a great ride over the northern cascade of Washington.  I was a little nervous but thougvht what the hell.  
So today was saying goodbyes to friends and I set off on thks route.  I went up the 41 thru Spirit Lake then caught highway 20 west ward.   Went thru Newport,  Colville, kettle falls, then Republic.   Tbe road between kettle falls and republic was absolutely amazing.   The quality of the road plus the scenery was some of the best ever.  After Republic I stayed on 20 thru Tonasket, Omak, Okanogan, and Twisp and am now in Winthrop.  Onlu 280 miles but it was hot and im looking forward to some great mountain riding tomorrow.   Im still unsure which way im going from the Seattle area.   Maybe Whitby island and take my bike on a ferry. 

Day 4

We are at Athol Idaho which is about 20 or so miles north of Couuer d'Alene staying at some friends.  Today was a ride thru Sandpoint, Bonners Ferry then east into Montana (a little town called Troy). From Troy we followed the Bull river on "the 56" back to "the 200" around Lake Pend Oreille at Sandpoint Idaho. 
From Sandpoint our destination was Curleys bar for taco Thursday.  We went thru Priesr River then thru Spirit Lake into Hauser for great food, music, ans "biker games". There was about 300 bikes there.
After dinner we rode back to Athol for relaxing and visiting. We rode 272 miles. A pretty good day.

September 10, 2013

Day 2

Again another great day on the bikes.  It was a little cool in the morning but we were geared up. Rode to and around Crater lake then headed up the 97 to biggs junction.  My way of travel is to ride till mid afternoon then pick a place to stay.  We thought Boardman would be cool. Right on the river.  However both hotels in boardman were full as were the next 4 full.  Something about the "round up" this week.  Wtf?
We run into the 3rd largest rodeo in the United States.  We luckily found a nice room in Hermiston oregon.  We're about 3-4 hours from our destination.
I'll try to put pictures up but i cannot figure out how to preview before I publish.
Plus Sons of Anarchy is starting.

September 9, 2013

Day 1

Day 1 a  success. We ended up riding 367 miles. Sutter-Redding-Burney-Mt.Shasta (I missed the state Route15 road)-past Kfalls and ended up in Fort Klamath.  Tomorrow will be breakfast at the lake then a trip around Crater lake then east and north toward Washington/Idaho.

A new journey begins

It's been 4 years since the original five-o tour.  I started this blog as a way to let family and friends know when I was off my motorcycle on my original 23 day ride in 2009.  It has become a great way for me to diary my travels and to share a little bit about myself.
I rode today to Yuba city to have dinner with Cindy and her kids/grand kids then meet up with Rick and Carrie who will join me on the first week of the trip. Our final northern destination will be  Coeur d'Alene Idaho.   We'll ride around there for a couple of days then they'll head straight home while take a longer coastal way home.
We leave tomorrow at 8 am on our way around lassen, shasta and onward to Kfalls. It's been a teamster five-o tradition local land marks like the locals.  So for brother Paul, we're hitting kfalls today and " the lake"  (crater lake) tomorrow morning.

September 8, 2013


Relationships come and go..friendships end, career paths change,  parent/children relationships sever and commonly marriage/romantic relationships end.
If we're fortunate,  an interest of those from our past will influence who we are and what we enjoy.
I would have never known about the blog world if it weren't for someone from my past nor my love of paper maps (which I still enjoy even with today's technology.
The names of those that I refer to from my past will not be named to protect the innocent (that being me)