September 4, 2012

The Perfect Woman…….For Me….


We spend our entire lives looking for the perfect mate.  Some find it young and stay with that person for many years (mom and dad) and some play the unfortunate game of trial and error (me)..

I’ve told the story of how Cindy and I met, became best friends, remained best friends through separate lives and families and then reconnected.

Something just now triggered and overwhelming feeling of “she is the perfect woman for me”

…What triggered that emotion?  Good Question and I’m glad you asked…

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How can a woman pack 4 days worth of travel in such a small space and at the same time be so beautiful?

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Patiently Waiting for Grace


I’ve only raised boys in my life and I guess I’m getting a lesson on what it’s like to have girls.  I assume I’ll be spending a fair amount of time “waiting for Grace”.  My experience with boys is there is a process of being ready and going.  It seems like girls have a process of getting ready…waiting a little longer….change what you’re wearing…walk out the door…forget something…realize your shoes don’t match your hair thingy (or whatever the heck they’re called)…change cloths again…then go…Grace must be in the process of getting ready to go.

I’m also a planner…I know where I’m going, when I’m going and how I’m getting there.  However, on the motorcycle I’m always open for change.  I’ve told many of people I’m turning left and I go right. (No…it’s not a lie)…Cindy and I were planning on a ride  to Pescardero and end up in Santa Cruz.  That would put us 3 hours from the hospital and we’ve decided we don’t want to be that far away.  So, we’re turning left instead of right.  We going to ride up to Sonora, the north on 49 to Placerville.  If that’s not enough miles we’ll head east and maybe go through Apple Hill and further up the mountain.  We’ll be packed for Oregon in case Grace makes her arrival tonight.  I’m still hoping to make it to Crater Lake later this week.  If not, it’s no big deal; we’ll find somewhere to ride.  My goal is 1200 miles for the week minimum.  We’re at about 450 and still itchin to ride. 

A special thanks to Jerry for being on “stand-by” for house sitting and taking care of the place while we’re gone.  It’s tough to plan when we don’t  know when we’re leaving.

September 3, 2012

Countdown continues

We’re still patiently waiting the arrival of Grace and we’re not doing it sitting down. a way we were sitting down.   We rode in the Teamster Horsemen poker run and ended up at the Annual Teamster Labor Day Picnic.  The Horsemen had a raffle and I won a 200 dollar Teamster leather jacket, then picked the next number…which was Cindy’s and she won a Horsemen t-shirt. 
We woke up Sunday with the itching to ride, so we called friends Cary and Yolanda and rode to South Lake Tahoe for lunch then back.  Not a bad ride….312 miles and a beautiful day for riding.  The traffic wasn’t bad except right in south shore and we made it home by around 9ish.
Today is some “lists” and a ride to Yuba City and if Grace isn’t born today/tonight, we’ll ride on one of my favorites tomorrow.  A ride thru San Mateo to Woodside to Alice’s restaurant then on to Duarte’s  click Pescadero for the best Artichoke soup and Calamari steak sandwich this side of the Mississippi.  Then we’ll ride on into Santa Cruz for the night and come back highway 9 into San Jose and maybe stop and see Auntie Anne. 
By the way…Cindy and I jointed the Teamster Horsemen Motorcycle Association yesterday.  We look forward to riding with a great bunch of Teamsters with an emphasis on fund raising for charitable causes especially those who benefit children.

August 30, 2012

Count down…


To Grace….

Although we’re itching to roll…there is no way in Heck ( I don’t use the “H” word) that we’d leave town before Michael’s (son) and Veronica’s (daughter in law) has their baby…My first biological to go along with Cindy’s 11.  I am so excited to be able to not only have a grandbaby but to also have a little girl to spoil “I know Kira..I’m going to spoil you too”…

We do have plan B for some rides though.  The first annual Teamster Horsemen Motorcycle Association poker run is on Saturday starting at 9 am and riding through the sierra foothills and arriving the Teamster Picnic (remember the title of my blog) to hang out and enjoy fellowship with other proud Teamsters from many different industries. 

We’ve also been invited to ride up to Reno for part of the weekend to attend the Reno Rib cook off with “Smokey” and his family.  For those who don’t remember who Smokey is I wrote a early blog about him and his ministry.  He feeds the poor and homeless every Wednesday from a small church in Tracy and I helped him out every week for a couple of years.  Unfortunately I’ve changed jobs in 2010 and my work schedule doesn’t allow Cindy and I to help as often as we’d  like.  After meeting Smokey, Cindy not only wants to help out on the ministry, but also ride with Smokey.  But Smokey and I are still like brothers and he encouraging us to roll on up (biker talk for those who don’t know)

So we’ll wait for baby Grace…have the bikes packed…and leave town as soon as we know Mom and baby are fine..

On a final note…for those who don’t know me…I’m very confident in who I am and my manliness..I’ve recently stopped biting my fingernails after biting them off and on..mostly on for the last 48 years. I try to trim them myself but my crooked eye (thanks mom) makes it nearly impossible.  So…Cindy and I are on our way to dinner and a Pedicure/Manicure…she won’t let me call it a pedi/mani (says it sounds gay)..

I’ll check in soon…

As David Russell Loring the first would say…”thanks for coming out”

August 6, 2012

Pre Retirement

Hello everyone (or those who care)

A lot has happened over the last 9 months...some sad....some pretty damn good.  As I posted in January, My dad Passed away.  He had battled and won a 20 year bout with bladder cancer, but eventually his body just gave out.  The best way to describe his ordeal at the he was sick for a couple months, but was dying for only a week or so.  He bravely made it past my folks 60th wedding anniversary and enjoyed one last Christmas with us.  He passed peacefully in his his own the house they called home since 1961....He will always be loved...and never forgotten....

Now for some pretty "damn" good news.  I reconnected with an old friend from my past of long ago.  We were best friends in 1991 as I coached her son's little league team.  We made a point to remain friends...albiet from afar as our families grew up and we lived in cities and towns apart.  Due to circumstances....we were able to reconnect in late December.  Our friendship never wavered and our conncection was instant and powerful.   She is the woman I'm going to spend the rest of my life with...and I look forward to the rest of my Life even more...

Her name is Cindy... more great thing in my life....My son and daughter in are having my first bilogical grand child (cindy has 11) in early September...which is what brings me to this post.  A day or two after Grace is born, Cindy and I are going to embark on a 9 day ride thru Northern California toward Crater Lake Oregon and Coos Bay then head south down the Oregon/California coast line.  I still have my 2007 Street Glide and she rides a 2007 Heritage Softtail.  I'm hoping this will be the first of many rode trips with her...One reason for this blog was to let my Mom know every day that I made it to my daily destination on the Five O tour.  I hope those still reading my blog enjoy the ride....I know I will..

Take Care....

January 21, 2012

Sad days for this Teamster

November 9, 1928
January 16, 2012

Rest in Peace Dad

You will always be Loved.....Never be forgotten.....