June 23, 2009




To grow up and be best friends with you're father is a blessing; to grow up and be best friends with your grown sons is the only thing that comes close to that feeling.

After a long day at the office on Friday, I drove up to Rancho Cordova to visit with my dad for an early father's day.  Michael was there along with Dawn and Dave, Michelle and Mom.

After a good night's sleep on Friday night, Michael and I left Sacramento early Saturday morning for a 9 hour drive to Boise Idaho to visit with son Steven and spend father's day with the boys.  It's 566 miles from Michael's to Boise and another 45 or so to Mt. Home.  We chose to stay in Boise since there is so much more to do there.  We arrived around 3, found a place to stay, then went to dinner.  Sunday we had Father's day breakfast and Steven drove us out to his special camping spot (through rain and hail), then back to Boise for a little NASCAR, golf and visiting at the local Buffalo Wings sports bar.  Then we headed back to the hotel, Steven had to leave back to Mt. Home for a haircut and Michael and I just rested up for the drive home on Monday morning...

It was fun, insightful, and heartwarming to spend the weekend with the boys. 

I'm very proud of my sons and love them very much.  Michael....thanks for sharing the ride out there....Steven....thanks for showing us around and I'll see you guys soon....Love..Dad..

DSC_0049 DSC_0033






June 20, 2009

The reunion tour?...no...michael and i are visiting steven in boise idaho for fathers day...more to follow

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June 10, 2009



Reality has set in.  After my first week back at work (a 60 hour work week by choice) the reality of not being on the tour has set in.  I feel very fortunate to have my job at YRC.  Like I've posted before click here , I enjoy my job plus I have decent pay with excellent benefits.  With layoffs, pay cuts (me included), furloughs, and unemployment at the highest it's been in 25 years, I am fortunate.  However, not everything is rosy in Teamsterville.  The company has suspended pension payments and the union has agreed to open negotiations on our contract.  This usually means more concessions.  I won't know until the weekend what the proposal will be, but in this economic environment, does it really matter? 

Although it's only been 10 days since I was golfing, riding, and in the mist of "the tour", it feels like forever and I need a vacation...


June 4, 2009













May 31, 2009


Time travels at an exact pace every second of every day.  Why then does time travel at different speeds in different era's of our lives?

The concept of time speed entered my life at a young age.  Time traveled so slowly the days before Christmas or just before a birthday party.  I remember painfully watching the second hand on the clock tick away while in elementary school for the recess or "end of the day" bell to ring.  Remember being 12?  I"d tell everyone when I was 12 and a half on the way to that magic age of teenager?  The  month before I got my driver's license seems like eternity.  I remember "older" people telling me  of just the opposite.  Time went by too fast.  I didn't get it.  Time will never go by too fast.....

My 20's were somewhat of a blur.  There are parts of that decade that I don't even remember. So I will discount time speed through that era of my life.  However, the years from 30 to 49 have been the fastest 19 years of my life.  It appears that those "older" folks were correct.

As everyone who's read this blog over the last couple of months know that I turned 50 on April 30th and  as "The Tour" is coming to a close.....I am astonished on how much faster time speed is post-50 relative to pre-50. 

These last 30 days only seem like about 22 or 23 days....

Will retirement come that fast or does the perception of time speed revert back to a crawl?


May 28, 2009


The face of a brother changes as one grows up.  I have two brothers and two sisters.  This post is about my brothers Mike and Paul.  I had the honor of spending the last 4 days with them golfing, eating, laughing, talking, celebrating birthdays, "the tour" and bonding. 

It wasn't always like this though.  Not because we weren't close,  but you can only be so close when ages differ.  The oldest of us is Mike.  He is 53.  He graduated from high school 4 years prior to me and then served in the Air Force for 19 years. I was 13 when he left.  I'm the next one and everyone knows (or should know) that I am 50.  Then there is Paul.  He is 4 years younger than me and 8 years younger than Mike; so he was about 9 years old when Mike entered the Air Force and was about 15 when I moved out of the house.  I think that much of Paul's childhood was somewhat like an only child.  Paul graduated from high school 4 years after me and 8 years after Mike.  I put an emphasis on graduation dates to manifest the fact that none of us shared common friends or era's in school that some brothers closer to age might share.

However the difference in age or distance apart, I always felt we were "close from afar"  There were parts of our lives in which we physically lived close over the last 30 years, so it's not like we haven't seen each other. Mike lived near Sacramento at the same time I did for a while and Mike and Paul lived in North Dakota together for a while.  I now live in Tracy, California.  Paul lives just north of Gulfport Mississippi. Mike lives just outside of Pensacola Florida.  The Milton Open was very competitive but so much fun.  I love my brothers very much and I am thankful we had these 4 days to share and to remember. 

Thanks Paul for making the journey and thanks Mike for having us...(and thanks Wendy for tolerating us)

We are hoping to make this an annual visit....the three brothers (or stooges as some may call)



 IMG_0247 IMG_0253 IMG_0204

May 27, 2009


One of those people who blog about food...But this was too good to pass up.  Brother Mike made ribs for dinner and Brother Paul is enjoying is pre-birthday feast with us..

DSC_0075 DSC_0077 DSC_0076

Note the sponsorship in the tip picture...


Today was the final round of the "Milton Open" and it was all business.  Although there was a little bit of laughter and bonding, the mood was much more serious.  There were no camera's, no phone calls, no helpful tips to improve each other's game.....Today "it was on".......

Let me set the stage for today.  After yesterday's round of "round robin" scramble, brother Mike and brother Paul asked me if I wanted to play a second round of the day back at Tanglewood.  I'm a little competitive and I couldn't be the one to say no....We drop sister-in-law Wendy off at home and the three stooges (brothers) head off to holes 19 thru 36.  Come to find out, these two "clowns" (brothers) were purposely trying to sabotage my game.  You see....their goal was to tire me out and attempt to get me to "change" my game and "make adjustments" that would hamper my game for the final round to be played today.  I didn't post this yesterday, but my score for the second round of yesterday was 110....I haven't shot a 110 in years and my confidence was shattered and was worried that it (or my golf game) wouldn't return in time for the final round...

We played an individual stroke play round today.  The total scores for the day and the round were.

player round 1 round 2 round 3 total


80 91 116 287


82 91 112 285


79 89 107 275


90 87 90 257

So as you can see...I had a pretty good day on the course..There evil plan to ruin my game to their benefit didn't work for "the brothers".....and although my competitive juices were flowing the day was thoroughly enjoyable (maybe because I won) and I hope that Mike, Wendy and Paul had fun as well..

As a side game, we also played Bingo, Bango, Bongo.  A Bingo is first on the green, the Bango is the closest to the pin before putting and the Bongo is the first in the cup while playing in order.  The score for the BBB was Wendy-18...Mike-15, Teamster-11 and Paul-10.....

Paul was going to go home tonight, but we've decided to go back to Stonebrook tomorrow morning and play a 4 person scramble and see how we score.  It should be a relaxing day and one last opportunity to to golf before I fly home tomorrow night.....

And it's brother Paul's birthday. tomorrow....so Happy Birthday Paul....

May 26, 2009


After torrential downpours yesterday, today was a near perfect day.  The sun was shining and only a slight threat of rain and/or thunderstorms.  We had played yesterday at  Tanglewood Golf and at Stonebrook today.  

Today's format was a round robin 2 person scramble.   It was a lot of fun and very competitive.  The pairings for the first 6 holes was Paul/Dave vs. Mike/Wendy.  Dave/Paul shot a 28 and Mike/Wendy shot a 31.  The next 6 was Dave/Wendy (29) vs. Paul/Mike (30) and we finished with Mike/Dave (30) vs. Paul/Wendy (31).  The final score for the day was Dave (87), Paul (89),, Mike (91) and Wendy (91).   The two day total now stands at Dave (167), Paul (168), Mike (171) and Wendy (173).  Tomorrow we will play as singles.  The money play will be called Bing, Bang, Bong.  You get one point for the first on the green, one point for the closest to the pin, and one point for first in.  Your score will be calculated as a stroke play as individuals.  It's kind of indicative how close our skills are and how much more the scores stay with the team concept.  It's been a lot of fun so far;  some good stories and quite a bit of laughter....some with each other and some at each other...I look forward to tomorrow. 




There are some extremely beautiful homes on this course but many of them have these screened in pools because of the amount of mosquito's and other bugs in the area...

And for a side note....It's interesting to be in part of the southern Bible belt.  In the local paper, instead of a Dear Abby column, there is an advise column by Billy Graham. 

May 25, 2009



As a golfer we always look forward to many firsts....A first Par....A first Birdie.....A first Eagle......A first chip in from the sand or from the fairway.....and hopefully someday a first Hole-in-one....

However....today was a different type of first.......

A 7. 5 HOUR ROUND......

A normal round usually takes around 4.5 to 5 hours.  But we had a few delays.....


DSC_0045 DSC_0043


DSC_0047  DSC_0048

However.....Brother Paul didn't get up at 3 am and drive from Mississippi to "NOT" golf....Brother Mike didn't take 3 days vacation to "NOT" golf...and I didn't fly 2650 miles to "NOT" golf....We had all day to play and had nothing else we neither needed nor wanted to do...So we played golf..Sister-in-law Wendy and her friend Darlene joined us as well.

DSC_0021 DSC_0036DSC_0037DSC_0057

Brother Mike had set up a complex scoring system...For the first 9 holes it was a scramble boys against girls.  The boys scored 39 and the girls scored 42 on the front.  On the back nine, one of the boys had to switch to the girls team and play 3 against 2 on the back.  Paul either won or lost the draw whichever way you want to look at it. So it was Paul and the girls vs. Mike and I.. On the back nine, the "girls" scored a 40 and the boys scored a 41. 

Although the play was a team concept, the score was finalize as individuals. 

Paul.....79...Dave and Mike.... 80....and the girls.....82...

Tomorrow will be the 3 boys and Wendy.  We'll play a round robin scramble...Each of us will be on each other's team for 6 holes and then total our scored individually.  Should be an interesting day....Praying for no rain....


A slight delay...but not a cancellation...a slight down poor but we have all day

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May 24, 2009


What happens in Pensacola stays in Pensacola?....Not really.  Today was travel day.  I  traveled  2460 miles today...although it was by plane....It was still a long day.  There was a hint of thunderstorms around Houston and it made for a couple of nice "cloud" pictures.


DSC_0002 DSC_0005 

I'm here at Mike and Wendy's hoping the rain will stop in Charlotte so NASCAR can start the race (I am in the south and it is Sunday so I need my southern spirituality)...Mike picked me up at the airport and then we had to stop by the office and he let me stand by his rig.....

DSC_0011 DSC_0013

Brother Paul is due to arrive early in the morning from Saucier Mississippi for what phase 3 is really about.....

DSC_0014 DSC_0015 GOLF!!!!!!!!!

Tonight we're just sitting in the back yard relaxing and getting a good night's rest before  "THE MILTON OPEN"

DSC_0019 DSC_0020