March 31, 2009

A Typical Weekend

As I mentioned in my "virgin" post, the main purpose of this blog is to keep a record and to share my "50th birthday tour" with everyone/anyone who is interested. In addition, it's a way to let everyone know that I've made my daily destination without the need for me to "call anyone when I get there" This last weekend of activities gives me a perfect opportunity to practice my future blogging.
This past weekend followed a somewhat short work week. Although I worked 5 days, I only worked 49 hours. My normal work week is around 53-60 hours a week. Work is a little slow because of the economy.
Friday started out by picking up  at the Ace Station in Tracy. From the station, we drove up to Stockton (about 25 minutes for those who don't know the area) for an emergency "stewards" meeting at "The Hall"
439 logo
Saturday started out with the usual crutches ( A gallon of "Peet's" coffee for and an 8 pack of Diet Dr. Pepper for me)
DSC_0003in the saddle bag of the bike.
Now we're off to meet some friends for a motorcycle ride. The destinations are multiple and not too far apart.
First stop is Perko's for a light breakfast and meet up with the group (notice I don't use the term "gang").

Second stop is meeting up with "Manual" and "Duke" in Farmington which is a small farming community.

After a beautiful ride through the rolling foothills of farmland in central California, we arrive Knights Ferry for a re-enactment of a Civil War battle along with one of the oldest covered bridges west of the Mississippi River.
DSC_0049 DSC_0016
DSC_0061 DSC_0029
Next stop......The Chili Cook off. All proceeds went to charity and my Bro (biker talk) Tod and his wife entered the contest. There was chili from around 25 chefs along with a live band and an assortment of other entertainment.
DSC_0085 DSC_0148 DSC_0090 DSC_0099
As the rest of the group (we are not a gang) head back to Stockton,  andI headed up the famous highway 49 thru Jackson, stopped for dinner in Sutter Creek, then road to Rancho Cordova to stay the night at mom and dad's.
DSC_0155 DSC_0157
Sunday was a.m. coffee at Peet's and a visit with Michael Henry on our way to a Teamster informational leaflet. For those in Nor Cal, please don't shop at FoodsCo. This company has violated a labor agreement that allows drivers to follow work when that work is awarded to a new sub contractor. A un named company (no..not wal mart) has won that work and has fired all of the union drivers and has hired non union drivers. We did some friendly informational leafleting asking people to shop elsewhere.
DSC_0184 DSC_0181
After lunch and Nascar in Elk Grove, we rode back to Tracy for rest and relaxation before another work week starts. Total seat miles for the weekend was a hair under 300 miles.
This is an example of what some of my posts will be. I'd appreciate any input/advise from anyone on whether the format is easy to read.....whether it's easier to read all the text then look at pics....etc...


katherine. said...

It was a really fun weekend. We saw some truly lovely countryside...and spent time with fun friends.

aside from taking a few photos...I did not participate in any union meetings or activities...I can always find a friendly bar to wait

Sandee said...

Looks like the gang (I mean group) had a terrific time. Wow, you two were really close. We were of course at the boat as usual. What else is new.

You two have a terrific time. Big hugs and hope to see you both in May when Linda comes back to Stockton. :)

The Teamster said...

katherine.....a union disclaimer from "management"? do support these issues that are important to me...and I thank you.

Sandee...we'll have to meet up some day..what part of May is Linda back in town?

Linda said...

Love all the pictures - except maybe for that blonde with the er, leather thong is it??

I never did get to Knight's Ferry when I lived out that way which is too bad, it looks very nice and I do love covered bridges!

I will be back in Stockton from May 2nd to the 7th when I head back to Connecticut (I have a work convention in Vegas the week before that and just couldn't see being that close to California and not stopping in!). Am hoping to get together perhaps on Sunday the 3rd if everyone is available??

Cyndi and I are hoping to make a trek up to Yosemite on Monday and then a trip to the coast on either Tuesday or Wednesday. As per usual, I will try to stuff too much into too short a period of time but I don't get West often enough to do otherwise. Besides, I can sleep on the plane on the way home!

Mel said...

Ohhhhh..Civil War places and STUFF!

<-- personally liked the layout 'look as you tell the tale' stuff.....elsewise I'd have a tough time figuring out what happened where. (And I'm not even blonde....LOL)

Ty for the photos and the accounting of your time and efforts......It's cool to see it all in action, yaknow?

dawn said...

Hey Teamster, busy weekend as usual. I like the format you're doing, writing and then pictures, it keeps the story together for me.

SierraSnowSoaps said...

I really like the way you have it set up! Sounds like you had loads of fun this weekend. K looks like a natural on that bike, is she getting one of her own or sticking with the p-pad?
Love Michelle

Michael J. said...

Hello Teamster -- The blog is very easy to read and the words surrounding the pictures kind of puts us into the moment so to speak. The only thing that would be kinda cool would be to follow your trip on some kind of interactive map. That way we could see where you traveled without looking it up on the atlas. Now where would we find something like that??? Oh yeah I went there and it has a free and upgrade which cost money. You have to register (it's free) and then put in a starting point and ending point for the day and it shows up on a google type map. It can be a street map or satellite type view that shows the type of terrain you rode through. Also has room for notes and many,many icons you can place on the map such as places you ate, slept, visited etc. It might be more than you care to do during your trip (after all the trip is about the ride) but take a look,you might find it to your liking.

Again the website is
I think it's for bicycles but it seems to work for anything. Let us know what you think.

Michael J

katherine. said... interactive map....

That is a great idea!!

Michael J. said...

Yes Katherine it is a pretty cool little map site. He should check it out. It might be more work than he will want to do after riding all day but you never know

Jeff B said...

I like the format of your post. The pics make a nice visual to go along with your words.

I want to know, "At what point did that blond with the low rider jeans and undies showing, think that was a good look?"

The Teamster said...

Linda...i'll be on vacation when you're here..maybe next time...

Mel...Thanks for the feedback..When on my "birthday" tour, I want to be able to post quickly and not spend too much time on it. That's why i'm practicing..

Dawn...thanks for reading...and the input..

Sierra Soap..the weekend was fun and the ride was excellent..Katherine will have to decide on whether to whether to get her own...she did look good on it though.

Mike...thanks for the website..I'll check it out....if I can do it quickly, I'll do it..

Jeff...thanks for the imput...and the "hot" blonde was in costume...I never saw what she really looked like...

Bond said...

TEAMSTER: You are linked from The you will never get rid of me!

Like the format...I think the interactive map would be fantastic...

Mel said...

*tap tap tap*

Yaknow....practice is good....

*waiting for more practice!*


Maybe with a map!
Maybe not.....

Personally likes the photos over the map any day!
You weren't askin' me.....LOL

*sitting on hands*


Travis said...

I've taken that road trip route several times in my old Jeep Wrangler. It's a great drive.

As to the format, I like the pics interspersed with the text because it presents a good visual for where you are and what you're doing.

And as to the writing, change nothing. You explain very well and your style is engaging.

paul said...

Teamster...I agree...the format with text and pics mixed gives a nice visual story. I can hardly wait to see it with pics from the ride.

As for Mike and I golfing without you...1:YOU admit to golfing without US...2:You are ALWAYS invited...and 3:Mike is right - he DOES need the practice!! (tee hee) (LOL) (how does he put it? Bwaa haa haa)