April 24, 2009

Over the next couple of

Over the next couple of days im going to be practicing posts directly from my phone. Some in text and some In picture form


Mel said...

Ohhhhhh.... :-)

AND we have a 'countdown' thingy!!!

<-- impressed!

Jeff B said...

Good luck with that.

I see you are less than a week away from the trip.

Michael J. said...

T got some e-mails from you saying you were practicing or something.
Nothing showed up. No pics or text.

The Teamster said...

michael J....i set up family to receive a notification on when I post. I have the option to send it to 10 people. Since I don't post every day, I thought it'd be easier so nobody looks to see that I havnen't posted. When you receive the email, just go to the link to the blog.

Desert Songbird said...

I haven't even attempted this yet, and I've been blogging for nearly three years!