April 26, 2009

The Teamster Turns 50

Well....sort of... Although my actual birthday is April 30th, my family held a 50th birthday celebration for me last night. In addition, we celebrated Mom's birthday as well (her's was on the 8th of April). Those in attendance were Mom, Dad, Michael, Oliver, Dawn, Dave, Nikki, Katherine (niece),  , Gwen, Hayden and Dylan.
I'd like to thank everyone for the cards plus Mom, Dad, Michael, Steven, Dawn, Dave, Nikki, and  chipped in and got me a gift certificate from Elk Grove Harley for $400.00. I was pleasantly shocked and thankful.



katherine. said...

nifty nifty happy fifty.
let the celebrations continue...

Travis said...

Happy Birthday!

Sandee said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Teamster,
Happy Birthday to you.

Hugs to you and Katherine. :)

Michael J. said...

So the big day gets closer and closer. How many miles a day are you going to try and average or are you just going to ride until you see something interesting to look at? I know when I took my 30 day trip back in 92 or 93 we stopped at some out of the way attractions that people don't normally see. Such as the baseball field from Kevin Costner's field of dreams movie. It was really pretty sweet. Just remember to stop and smell the roses. Oh and Happy 50th! Now you can legally talk to your brothers and sisters who have already cleared that hurdle (Sorry Paul)

Look froward to following your trip.

Michael J

SierraSnowSoaps said...

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
We love you
Happy Birthday
and may all your dreams come true

Matt-Man said...

Happy Birthday to ya Teamster. If I remember, which considering my feeble mind is unlikely, I'll try to say it again on the 30th. Cheers!!

Mel said...

Happy Happy Birthday Birthday!!!!

Gosh.....nifty fifty....AND a gift certificate for STUFF!

WAY cool!

Happy HAPPY Birthday to you!!!!

The Teamster said...

katherine...the "birthday" tour begins.



michael j...most days are looking at around 250-300, so only about 4-5 hours on the bike. and not every day. when i'm in flagstaff, i'll spend one day in sedona (only 30 or so miles) and the following day at grand canyon (only about 80 miles). I'm going to try to focus on side roads so I can see the behind the scenes of most towns. roses will be sniffed for sure.

sierra snow...thanks for the wishes.

matt..as bad as my memory is i'll probably forget it's the 30th...thanks for the wishes

mel..thanks for the bd wishes as well

Linda said...

An early happy birthday to you! I'll be in Vegas at my dispatch convention so probably won't get a chance to send best wishes on the actual day but wherever you are that day, I hope it's a good one!

Bond said...

Can I wait until the 30th to say it?

Desert Songbird said...

Glad you had a nice party, but like Vinny, I'll try to wait until the 30th to actually make my wishes. *smile*