April 30, 2009

Living in the Moment

Although it's a cliche", I truly believe people need to Live in the Moment. Although I'm definitely one to plan, in recent times I've really tried to enjoy the now instead of worrying too much about the future. I have a 3 year and 7 year plan of what I want for the next part of my life and I cannot panic by the fact that those plans are in constant change and adjustment. The 50th tour will be a lesson in "living in the moment"
I have a 3 week motorcycle ride in which the only place I need to be is in or around Salt Lake City around Mother's day to pick up  and back in Sacramento by May 23rd.

You see.....I've extended the 50th birthday tour. My younger brother Paul (from Saucier, Ms) and my older brother Mike (from Milton Fl) have invited me to the Pensacola area for 3 days of golf. So I've submitted another 2 days of vacation and in addition to Memorial day and 2 sick days, the tour goes into a 4th week.
yank boys a pensacola 2008
DSC_0043 I may have the edge since I don't drink


katherine. said...

it must be that well negotiated Teamster contract which gives you the ability to take so much time off....

you'll be almost 51 by the time you get back....smile.

The Teamster said...

hopefully none of my 12 layers of bosses will read my blog and find that i'm taking sick days to golf......smile....oh wait...i've already filled out a pay slip for sick day....

katherine. said...

You know as well as anyone it’s not a great idea for me to sing in public….

this seemed more appropriate anyhow….

Sandee said...

Just have a great time. Living in the moment is the only way to go. Enjoy.

Hugs to you and Katherine. :)

Desert Songbird said...

Ha! I'd say you have the definite advantage over the drinkers.

Oh, and.....


Bobbie said...

Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday
We love you.
Happy birthday
and may all your dreams come true.
When you blow out the candles,
one will stay aglow.
tha's the love light in your eyes where ever you go
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Teamster
Happy birthday to you

Love Ya...Mom & Dad

Jeff B said...

It's been so long since I've played golf, I'm not sure which end of the club to hold.

Happy Birthday

SierraSnowSoaps said...

Happy B-day, love the link K, you can never take tooooo much sick leave. looking forward to the tour.

paul said...

Happy B-Day...on the actual day! I realize this means come tomorrow you will not be able to speak to me for 4 years and 4 weeks...until I join the 'Champions Tour'.

And as for your 'edge'? Maybe WE drink to allow YOU to keep up...or maybe not!!! But remember, if you get an edge because we drink then you have to drive!! :-))

Enjoy your trip, stay safe (of course), and I look forward to hearing/seeing all about it.

Bond said...


Dude... coming anywhere near Memphis? get my email from Katherine just in case...I could give you a couch for the night if needed.

Michael J. said...

Well happy belated birthday little brother. I noticed when you posted that picture of the beer cans in the golf cart you failed to mention that those are the empties that Paul and I picked up around the course as we were playing. ;) Just trying to do our part to keep the planet green. I remember when I was in North Dakota and rode to Sturgis I packed 2 weeks worth of stuff in a bag and bungee corded it to my sissy bar ( The metal thing on the back of the seat to keep the "Bitch" from sliding off the back for those that are not familiar with the term) So I am pretty sure with careful planning and removing unneeded items you should be able to get all you need
loaded on your Street-Glide-Head.

Oh and to Jeff B I think you hold the skinny end of the club but sometimes I'm not to sure.

So T ride defensively - safely - carefully etc etc etc. And most of all have a good time! See you on Sun the 24th:))))))

Mel said...

Safe journey..and many blessings to you in this year of adventuring in the NOW.


Happy, Happy Birthday.

And--as your gift, I'll spare you the singing! ;-)
Yes, I know you're grateful. LOL

The Teamster said...

everyone...thanks for all the birthday wishes and i'm sure i'll enjoy all aspects of the tour....

paul and mike....a little bit of pre-trip trash talk? I look forward to the trip to the south and bringing my "loaf" of bread..

Travis said...

Good for you!