May 28, 2009


The face of a brother changes as one grows up.  I have two brothers and two sisters.  This post is about my brothers Mike and Paul.  I had the honor of spending the last 4 days with them golfing, eating, laughing, talking, celebrating birthdays, "the tour" and bonding. 

It wasn't always like this though.  Not because we weren't close,  but you can only be so close when ages differ.  The oldest of us is Mike.  He is 53.  He graduated from high school 4 years prior to me and then served in the Air Force for 19 years. I was 13 when he left.  I'm the next one and everyone knows (or should know) that I am 50.  Then there is Paul.  He is 4 years younger than me and 8 years younger than Mike; so he was about 9 years old when Mike entered the Air Force and was about 15 when I moved out of the house.  I think that much of Paul's childhood was somewhat like an only child.  Paul graduated from high school 4 years after me and 8 years after Mike.  I put an emphasis on graduation dates to manifest the fact that none of us shared common friends or era's in school that some brothers closer to age might share.

However the difference in age or distance apart, I always felt we were "close from afar"  There were parts of our lives in which we physically lived close over the last 30 years, so it's not like we haven't seen each other. Mike lived near Sacramento at the same time I did for a while and Mike and Paul lived in North Dakota together for a while.  I now live in Tracy, California.  Paul lives just north of Gulfport Mississippi. Mike lives just outside of Pensacola Florida.  The Milton Open was very competitive but so much fun.  I love my brothers very much and I am thankful we had these 4 days to share and to remember. 

Thanks Paul for making the journey and thanks Mike for having us...(and thanks Wendy for tolerating us)

We are hoping to make this an annual visit....the three brothers (or stooges as some may call)



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Bobbie said...

This one brought tears. I am so glad you three get along so well and can still have fun together. I too hope you can make it an annual visit.
"143" Y'all

SierraSnowSoaps said...

boy u guys sure are handsome!

the packages are in the mail T.

Mel said...

You're blessed with many wondrous, awesome things.

*happy sigh*

And I'm really glad, yaknow?

katherine. said...

stooges with stogies perhaps?
sorry Bobbie...smileI am so glad you were all able to get to be together...what a great Phase III !

I can personally attest you three are pretty funny all together...and do obviously love one another.

(your beard and mike's have opposite coloring....laughing...)

see you later.

dawn said...

I agree with Mom, this one did bring the tears. Oh and lots of laughter! What a great time for the three of you, I really do hope you make it an annual thing. There are lots of guys in the world who are pretty envious of the three of you, being such great friends.

Love all of you!

And yes Wendy, thanks for putting up with them, you are awesome!

Bond said...

It is cool how you and your brother's beards are mirror images...

My brother is 2.5 years younger and we really did not spend much time socializing with the same crowds in high school...we have also lived close and he now lives in san antonio, so we don't see each other that often.

But our love and respect for each other has grown over the years...

And I must include my sister who is 2.5 years younger than my brother. She and I are probably closer now than we ever have been, and we live the farthest apart as we ever have

Nice memories shared here today teamster.

I have truly enjoyed living your 50th Birthday Tour with you.

Michael J. said...

This is the first time I have made a comment since the Teamster showed up on Sunday. Too busy with golf and cooking and yakking and ZZZ time(t'wasn't much of that). Had a great time with the two young'uns and the lovely women golfers over the course of the five days, so sorry when it finally ended. Didn't cry when the boys left, but got choked up when I read the comments by the "T". One of my many regrets in my life is that I was not around when my younger brothers and sister were growing up. I didn't think that I was wise enough to have that big of an effect, but I am sorry that I wasn't around to see the many things that influenced them to make them the people they are today. Glad everyone had a good time and hope we can do it again. Paul and Wendy and "D" and I will even sandbag our games AGAIN next time, if it means we get to see each other again. Yes, Teamster we did hold back just a bit! ha ha

Now the stage is set for the first "Mississippi Open". Wendy and I will be traveling to Paul and Chris's house around the 13th thru the 17th of June. We will be playing two championship courses over the 5 days and maybe a lesser Tangle "woooood" type course to loosen up. Once again to David (The Teamster), Paul, and Wendy --Thank you for making this one heckuva vacation for me. I love you all more than I can say!!!

"Wendy's TWO CENTS"--Dave, Sadie did not have surgery--Mike checked her this morning and bump was gone (will keep an eye on it though)--ooh, and all the animals miss you all--y'all spoiled them--thank you, not,--ha--For you gals, having the three men in the house wasn't as bad as you would think--In fact, they were quite the gentlemen (thanks Ma Yank)--had a great time except for the rain and long days--i like a fast steady pace when golfing, but down here in Florida you can sneeze and the weather will change--anyways enjoy, love ya' all--wen P.S. "T" just to let you know i will be swinging those clubs (in the backyard)85 times a day for the next round--BE READY!!

Wen P.S.S. Dave I can still beat Mike anytime I want if he knows what's good for him!!! P.S.S. I didn't say that, but I LIKE it--wen

Desert Songbird said...

My oldest sister is 16 years older than I am and helped raise me, and yet I've had the pleasure of getting to know here better now that I'm an adult. I think it's fun getting to know my siblings now that I'm "grown up."