May 31, 2009


Time travels at an exact pace every second of every day.  Why then does time travel at different speeds in different era's of our lives?

The concept of time speed entered my life at a young age.  Time traveled so slowly the days before Christmas or just before a birthday party.  I remember painfully watching the second hand on the clock tick away while in elementary school for the recess or "end of the day" bell to ring.  Remember being 12?  I"d tell everyone when I was 12 and a half on the way to that magic age of teenager?  The  month before I got my driver's license seems like eternity.  I remember "older" people telling me  of just the opposite.  Time went by too fast.  I didn't get it.  Time will never go by too fast.....

My 20's were somewhat of a blur.  There are parts of that decade that I don't even remember. So I will discount time speed through that era of my life.  However, the years from 30 to 49 have been the fastest 19 years of my life.  It appears that those "older" folks were correct.

As everyone who's read this blog over the last couple of months know that I turned 50 on April 30th and  as "The Tour" is coming to a close.....I am astonished on how much faster time speed is post-50 relative to pre-50. 

These last 30 days only seem like about 22 or 23 days....

Will retirement come that fast or does the perception of time speed revert back to a crawl?



katherine. said...
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Mel said...

(((((((( The Teamster ))))))))

I hear ya....


paul said...

Well...I am glad I didn't read the blog while I was in Florida. It is one thing to have trouble reading because you have tears in your eyes while in the comfort and secrecy of your own is another to do that while in a VERY public dining room in the presence of the two brothers who will throw your blubbering tears back at you on the golf course. (Tee it up, hoo!) :-D And they would have, too!!

It was fantastic spending time getting reacquainted with my did seem like I grew up an only child because I was the youngest. They were all gone by the time I became cognizant of the sibling relationships. Now that I'm older...if not yet an adult...I realize how precious these relationships are and find I am blessed to have siblings that I not only love (you kinda have to love family) but that I very much LIKE! Thank you Mike and Wendy for putting us up...thank you Teamster for flying out...I look SO forward to this being an annual event.

Now on to the 1st annual 'Saucier Open'. The tentative plan (there has already been about 7 plans) is
14 Jun Pine Bayou (Navy course)
15 Jun Grand Bear (Jack Nicklaus course)
16 Jun Great Southern (oldest Mississippi course)
17 Jun The Bridges (Arnold Palmer course)
I don't know what the format will be...we have two weeks to figure that out.

Teamster, if you're in the area, we have an opening in the foursome... ;-0

Bobbie said...

If you think time goes by fast at 50 just wait until you are 75 and older. It really flies by fast then. If you don't believe it...just ask us cuz we know.

Stay safe... "143"