May 27, 2009


Today was the final round of the "Milton Open" and it was all business.  Although there was a little bit of laughter and bonding, the mood was much more serious.  There were no camera's, no phone calls, no helpful tips to improve each other's game.....Today "it was on".......

Let me set the stage for today.  After yesterday's round of "round robin" scramble, brother Mike and brother Paul asked me if I wanted to play a second round of the day back at Tanglewood.  I'm a little competitive and I couldn't be the one to say no....We drop sister-in-law Wendy off at home and the three stooges (brothers) head off to holes 19 thru 36.  Come to find out, these two "clowns" (brothers) were purposely trying to sabotage my game.  You see....their goal was to tire me out and attempt to get me to "change" my game and "make adjustments" that would hamper my game for the final round to be played today.  I didn't post this yesterday, but my score for the second round of yesterday was 110....I haven't shot a 110 in years and my confidence was shattered and was worried that it (or my golf game) wouldn't return in time for the final round...

We played an individual stroke play round today.  The total scores for the day and the round were.

player round 1 round 2 round 3 total


80 91 116 287


82 91 112 285


79 89 107 275


90 87 90 257

So as you can see...I had a pretty good day on the course..There evil plan to ruin my game to their benefit didn't work for "the brothers".....and although my competitive juices were flowing the day was thoroughly enjoyable (maybe because I won) and I hope that Mike, Wendy and Paul had fun as well..

As a side game, we also played Bingo, Bango, Bongo.  A Bingo is first on the green, the Bango is the closest to the pin before putting and the Bongo is the first in the cup while playing in order.  The score for the BBB was Wendy-18...Mike-15, Teamster-11 and Paul-10.....

Paul was going to go home tonight, but we've decided to go back to Stonebrook tomorrow morning and play a 4 person scramble and see how we score.  It should be a relaxing day and one last opportunity to to golf before I fly home tomorrow night.....

And it's brother Paul's birthday. Happy Birthday Paul....


katherine. said...

257! not bad.

glad that their sneaky plan to make you adjust your game and tire you out didn't work.

(unlike your Mom and sisters I can admit in writing that you are my favorite...)

Happy Birthday Paul!

Sandee said...

What Katherine said. I'm glad things worked out for you.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Paul,
Happy Birthday to you.

Have a great day. :)

Mel said...

Yeah YOU!!! *doing happy dance*

NOT that I didn't wish for good games for the others. (just wished for the BETTER round for you!)

Happy Birthday to Paul!

Enjoy the 4 person scramble!!

dawn said...

Great job, dear brother! And I have to say, you are my favorite middle brother. =-)

Michael, glad you got to see the boys and have some fun playing your golf. And I have to say, you are my favorite older brother. =-)

Paul, I'll be writing this tomorrow too, but early happy birthday tomorrow. And I have to say, you are my favorite youngest brother. =-)

Wendy, hope you had a great time with the boys! I don't know if I could have stood them for four days together, you have lots of courage and patience. And you are my favorite older brother sister-in-law. =-)

Bobbie said...

sounds like your golf days have all been fun
. One more to go !!!!!!!!
Have to admit Michael. David and Paul You are all my favorite son
Stay safe..... "143"

Bond said...

Bingo Bango Bongo is great when you are playing with players of different levels.