May 1, 2009

What to Bring and What to Leave


As the countdown nears zero and the rain keeps dripping, I have a few decisions to make before tomorrow morning.  In my previous post about the "bikers" of the past and "bikers" of today, it's easy to bring too much gear. 

My side bags will be full of camera and ice chest. 

My luggage rack has my tri-pod and my camping gear in a duffel bag.


My tour pack has a soft bag full of clothes.


I have state of the art Kevlar riding pants.  The material was designed by NASA and in many ways is stronger than leather.  It has hip and leg pads and is vented.  But I need to decide whether to wear my riding pants or my chaps.  I'll take a vote and you all can help me decide.


You see, I don't have room for underwear and have to ride commando.  With my riding pants on, I'm relatively safe.  With chaps on, I'm as risk of leather burn on the back and wind burn on the front....





Michael J. said...


No trash talk - just wishful thinking. Golfing with other people is just a lot more fun when you all hit the ball in the same general direction. With you down the middle of the fairway and Paul and I who knows where the game just kinda sucked a little. (Hence the best ball theory)So maybe this year might be a little different.

As for the riding apparel I think I might lean towards the kevlar riding pants. I think families might be driving on the same roads as you and young children being subjected to a full moon and wind burn - well it might have a lasting negative effect on their young minds. Although speaking from experience chaps are really sweet. I will let you decide since it is really a matter of preference. A cooler? Are you bringing food?

Be safe little brother and will be following your trip daily.

Love Michael J

Mel said...

Oh, definitely the riding pants.

JUST sayin'......LOL

OMG...I'm thinkin' this is one I needed to abstain from voting on.....

Safe journey, sir!
Enjoy the ride.

Desert Songbird said...

Um, I'm thinking this decision will be formed on your own, and without outside influence. Probably best that way...

Travis said...'s my understanding that chaps are generally worn over jeans. But then I don't ride a motorcycle so I may be well out of the loop regarding these matters.

I'm sure you'll make the proper comfort decision.

SierraSnowSoaps said...