September 10, 2013

Day 2

Again another great day on the bikes.  It was a little cool in the morning but we were geared up. Rode to and around Crater lake then headed up the 97 to biggs junction.  My way of travel is to ride till mid afternoon then pick a place to stay.  We thought Boardman would be cool. Right on the river.  However both hotels in boardman were full as were the next 4 full.  Something about the "round up" this week.  Wtf?
We run into the 3rd largest rodeo in the United States.  We luckily found a nice room in Hermiston oregon.  We're about 3-4 hours from our destination.
I'll try to put pictures up but i cannot figure out how to preview before I publish.
Plus Sons of Anarchy is starting.


Hole in Fore (Four, Yo) said...

You got the pictures straight...good job. And your hotel has a gas station out front? Sweeeeet...

DarlingDaughterDawn said...

the pictures look great. Looks like you're having a great trip so far.