September 16, 2013

Day 7

I guess Im not very creative with my titles.  Day this and day that.  But who cares?
Day 6 started in Vancouver Washington just north of Portland.  The ride was pretty uneventful and made it to Roseburg before heading to the coast.  I had an important stop to make on the way. Family friends Steve and Cathy Moe live in Myrtle Creek near Coos bay.  I had an address but no number.  I hadn't seen either of thrm since 1975. I was just a dorky kid in high school snd Steve and Cathy were two of the many "older" cool people i hung out with while working at ESS. I stopped by the house and startled Steve and we visited for a while.  Cathy was in coos bay and Steve called her and I was able to meet her there.  A short visit turned into 2 hours.  It was a Great Visit. Then I rode into Bandon for the night.

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