September 15, 2013

Day 6

I was encouraged  to take highway 20 known as The Northern Cascade highway.   In fact Woody had guaranteed I would enjoy it.  He even told me that if I didn't enjoy it that he would reimburse my gas money. I stayed Friday night in Winthrop Washington and started my trek westward.  The 80 miles between Winthrp and Marblemount were some of the most scenic that I've ever seen.   That stretch took 3 hours due to so many picture stops. It was truly incredible.  I continued west to highway 9 and headed south for about 50 or so miles.  The highway 9 runs parallel to highway 5 all the way into the east part of Seattle. I stayed on highway 9 until I reached Woodinville Washington and had a great burger at Teddy's Bigger Burger. Then I had to pick up the 405 and it was absolutely horrible going through the east part of Seattle.  I wanted to go over Whitby island then go south from there. However, rain was coming into the area. Although I don't mind riding in the rain it's not one of my favorite surfaces to ride on. I made the painstakingly decision the  head down highway 5 into Vancouver Washington. That is where I ended up staying the night. It was a very long and eventful day on the bike.

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Angel Bobbie said...

WOW some awesome pictures. Guess there is no need to put them on my blog...everyone can get into yours.
Thanks for posting them.