September 20, 2013

Day 9

Day 9 has no pictures because there was very little to shoot. The first 200 miles of of the day were quite challenging.  I woke up in Brookings to a light rain. The 100 miles between Brookings and Arcata featured rain, fog, wind, obvious wet roads and commuters.
I stopped at a little cafe to warm up and get a bite in Orick Ca; changed socks and gloves to dry off.
I headed east on 299 all the way to Redding and met my sister in law Teri Baxter (she was married to my first wife's (rip) Debbie's brother Steve Baxter (rip)) Steve and I were like brothers for many many years. He was "fried chicken" and I was "Turtle Boy". He was a great guy, an avid outdoorsman and took me many times out on lake shasta on one of his boats. Teri and I had a great visit and caught up on a how all the kids and rest of the family are doing. 
From Redding I wanted to go back to Burney falls and thru Lassen but nasty thunderstorms got in my way.  My riding partners from the beginning of this ride had offered me a bed for the night so I was able to roll to Sutter for the night. Total day was 372 miles.  A definite travel day.

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