September 7, 2013

Project Guy

For those who may know me and for those who do not I'm not much of a "project guy".
My dad could and would fix everything. He built rooms, cabinets, fixed all of his own cars, re did windows, poured concrete, put up his own fences, and just about everything else in between. If it could not be fixed it could be "Modified"
My mom spent years with my dad working with Habitat for Humanity. She did stucco, sheetrock, painting, and probably everything else in between.
My sister Michelle make her own soap, refinishes concrete, build decks, lays tile, and probably everything else in between.
Brother Mike does just about everything. Paints, install toilet, puts up greenhouses, if it can be done he does it.
sister Dawn and her husband Dave have basically be done their entire home. They put new siding, removed and we finished popcorn ceiling, re did the hardwood floors, and probably everything else in between.
Younger brother paul lives in Mississippi on 12 acres has a tractor works on a golf course, and does everything else in between. Right now he is putting new decking on his car hauler..Really Paul?
Then there is me. I don't like to paint, don't do concrete, don't even mow my own lawn, not really a "project guy". I have periodically had to change sprinkler heads and when I was at Orchard the lady asked me if I wanted a rewards card. I only buy sprinkler heads. That would be a no.
I used to live on 3 acres of land and really enjoyed the rural lifestyle. There was lawns to mow, fields to plow, seeds to plant, need to round up the fence line, always had something to mend, and everything else in between. After moving out of that property and being somebody's roommate I had zero responsibilities of the household with the exception of my room in my bathroom to be clean. In fact my room didn't even need to be cleaned. I spend most of my time playing.  I was either golfing, riding my motorcycle, hiking, travelin, and everything else in between; with the exception of chores/projects..
I'm leaving on an 11-day motorcycle ride on Monday and had an urgent need to have a project done. I couldn't hire a handyman I couldn't bribe a neighbor, all my brothers and sisters are probably too busy with their own projects so what was I to do?

I'm taking a huge risk posting this blog. I do not want to hurt my reputation as a non project guy; however, I hope my Dad would be proud. 

Now I'm off to my granddaughter Grace's first birthday party, pack the bike, ride to Yuba city tomorrow thrn head to Idaho on Monday at oh 800 hours


DarlingDaughterDawn said...

Wow, non project guy, good job! What are you gonna do with the other one? ;-)

Seriously though, looks great little brother.

The Teamster said...

Old one is hanging on by a thread. .easy demolition

Angel Bobbie said...

Good job son. Your DAD would been proud of you. I am too. Reminds me of mail box in Yuma...I put that one in , with the help of Dad. He stood by and told me what to do

Hole in Fore (Four, Yo) said...

Teamster...Dad has always been proud of all of us. "Projects done" is not the only measure of a person. Son, brother, husband, father, grandfather, teacher, friend, have been and continue to be these things to so many of us.

And by the way, that is a FINE looking mailbox...and you have a new hammer for the next project, is that a 2 pound sledge?