September 8, 2013


Relationships come and go..friendships end, career paths change,  parent/children relationships sever and commonly marriage/romantic relationships end.
If we're fortunate,  an interest of those from our past will influence who we are and what we enjoy.
I would have never known about the blog world if it weren't for someone from my past nor my love of paper maps (which I still enjoy even with today's technology.
The names of those that I refer to from my past will not be named to protect the innocent (that being me)


Angel Bobbie said...

Have a great trip. I will be checking your blog to see where you are and what you have seen. We will Miss you so please be careful and have a safe trip

Hole in Fore (Four, Yo) said...

I love paper maps too! I find something comforting about being able to see what is all around me. Mapping out your whole trip without scrolling has its advantages also. Have a safe trip, keep the rubber on the road, and I look forward to your insights on the blog