September 14, 2013


A major aspect of travel that I enjoy is the newness of it all. Parts of this trip have been on familiar roads with familiar people.  I had the honor of meeting a couple of Rick and Carrie friends (Woody and Colene along with Colene sister Maureen) I also got to ride on some great roads in Idaho and Montana.
The remainder of the trip I'm riding by myself.  Rick and Carrie want to be home in time for hunting season to open next weekend. Woody told me of a great ride over the northern cascade of Washington.  I was a little nervous but thougvht what the hell.  
So today was saying goodbyes to friends and I set off on thks route.  I went up the 41 thru Spirit Lake then caught highway 20 west ward.   Went thru Newport,  Colville, kettle falls, then Republic.   Tbe road between kettle falls and republic was absolutely amazing.   The quality of the road plus the scenery was some of the best ever.  After Republic I stayed on 20 thru Tonasket, Omak, Okanogan, and Twisp and am now in Winthrop.  Onlu 280 miles but it was hot and im looking forward to some great mountain riding tomorrow.   Im still unsure which way im going from the Seattle area.   Maybe Whitby island and take my bike on a ferry. 


Michael H said...

Glad you're having a great trip! I have a friend from high school that lives on the island and all her pictures are beautiful. ... I vote for taking the ferry across and checking it out :-)

Angel Bobbie said...

Dad and I went there once with the motor home. I do remember it was very pretty Stay safe....143

The Teamster said...

Rain changed my plans. .I needed to head south to get away from it. .I'm heading over to coos bay and brookings Oregon