May 6, 2009

Just Tooling Around

Today was suppose to be a short ride to Sedona with some hiking and it turned out to be a day on the bike and zero hiking.....I think I like my bike...It started out leaving Flag (as us locals call it)  through Oak Creek Canyon toward Sedona.  Sedona is suppose to be an area where we all feel the spiritual side of ourselves.  There is an abundance of Yoga Classes as well as multiple massage parlors (the legit kind). 

I find myself riding through the canyon and I've taken my jacket off for just a few miles (I almost always ride fully geared up) and the spirit moves me to make a drastic change in my life.  I've learned recently that we must adapt to change...if not, life will drive us crazy.  I made a change.......


You see...I've had these riding gloves since 2007 and the only time I think about this annoying tab/label is when it's flapping in the wind while I'm is about change....

You can see the twisting of the road in this pic.........


The ride to Sedona was pretty awesome.  However there is very little roadside shoulder to pull over on a bike to take pictures and every paid stop is about 8 dollars each...not one total...I could have bought a pass, but didn't...I just found places to stop and take snapshots.  My take on Sedona is that it's incredible landscape, but I'm not into the touristy shopping and didn't even stop in town. 



DSC_0234 DSC_0222

Now I'm getting hungry and the guy at the gas station recommends the "Barking Frog Grille".  I get the Buffalo Burger...never had one...had to try it


Now I'm feeling like a massage.(remember I'm in Sedona)..I'm not very good at yoga.  So I ask the bartender where's there a good place for a massage...Come to find out there is NamtiI ride on over and they can get me an hour massage for 45 dollars in 15 minutes.  The girl at the counter says HE"LL be done with his current massage by then....For those who know me (and those who don't) guy is going to massage me....I even have a female how...never....(and I rarely say never)...But wait....they have a school in Prescott (pronounced by us as "O" in Prescott)....but not until 4:45 and I'd be 100 miles to Flag (Flagstaff Paul)....I've got nothing else better to do, so I ride through Jerome (which is this little town on top of the mountain).  I just ride through and make it into Prescott hoping the school may have a cancellation and I can get my massage....Not to biggie....I tool around downtown Prescott for an hour and head on back....

DSC_0251 DSC_0249


On the way back to Flag, I stop on a freeway interchange for a soda and a snack and saw this on top of a post...Have I mentioned how many Germans are here renting Harley's and littering?  Damn Germans...

DSC_0254 DSC_0255

Another day on the "Tour"....Paul...I'm heading to "the canyon" tomorrow


katherine. said...

drumming my fingers...
a massage...oh really??

that is just too bad you couldn't get one isn't it?

(you have become a true blogger...taking pictures of your plated food...sheesh)

Nice to see you are is all about the change.

The landscape is amazing. You are getting some beautiful shots.

damn wurf insekten

Linda said...

Jene unvorsichtigen Deutschen!

I've heard that Sedona is the place where you can find your inner whatever-you're-looking-for and it's nice to see that it inspired you to institute a little change in your life. I am sure you are so much more at peace now!

Ditto on what Katherine said about the landscape and some beautiful shots. You are really getting quite good at this blogging stuff - and I bet it's relatively painless, too - isn't it??

Bobbie said...

We have been to Jerome also. Love the landscape around Sadona... all the red rock.
Your pictures are great..keep it up. You are doing a wonderful job
" 143 "

Mel said...


You're makin' me wanna get in the Jeep and GO again......

<-- got a map of train routes for the next adventure

Going over in that direction is a very inviting idea.

Mel said...

(you'll note I ignored the 'massage' stuff.....LOL)

paul said...

Kinder in diesen Tagen!!

REAL Germans use Jagermeister the same way we use Pepto-Bismol. So it was probably some local youths trying to 'get a buzz on'!

The landscape IS breathtaking. That road to Sedona must have been awesome with the switchbacks. And how else WOULD someone pronounce Prescott?? Enjoy the canyon.

Desert Songbird said...

So close to where I live, and yet so far...

Bobbie said...

Thanks for the picture of the Cayon Teamster
" 143 "