May 2, 2009

For those who worry about

For those who worry about me being all alone....i made it to tehachapi and am visiting with mickey...will post later...300 miles on da


katherine. said...


glad the weather didn't hamper the tour.


Mel said...

Yippee!!!!! 300 miles!! :-)

Bobbie said...

Good to hear you made it to the Tehachapi safe and sound. Hope you didn't get wet on the way. It is still raining in Sacto.
Stay safe and dry.....

Michael J. said...

So the first part of the adventure begins. I think I said it b/4 but I will say it again. Take enough time to see all the great things along the way. Might be a big attraction or something small. All the same you will be seeing things the rest of us may never see. In a way we are living this trip with you through your comments and pictures. Above all have fun. And it should make you feel pretty good that so many people are concerned with your welfare. Some of us are also envious that we are not on the trip. So have fun and we will be talking to ya soon.

Michael J

Steve said...

Have a nice trip and stay safe. Glad you made to to Tehachapi safe and sound.