May 18, 2009

tonight's post from a guest host.....

Hey there... here.  At Dave's request, I am guest posting tonight....kinda cool.  Never been a guest host before.

When last we left our intrepid hero...we were on the outskirts of Portland in the lovely little town of Oregon City. 

Once we determine a final destination, our modus operandi has been to find a little bar or pie shop and fire up the laptop.  Most times we make friends with a couple locals.  (okay...DAVE makes friends with a dozen locals.) It only takes a few minutes to learn a bit about the town and find an appropriate place to stay. 
DSC_0004We found a great place right across the street from the river.  It had a small balcony with a couple of chairs, where we could enjoy the view.

After unloading the bike and showering off the road grime. we enjoyed a bite to eat in the bar while listening to a group of locals karaoke-ing.  Between the two of us we had taken about 400 photos in the past two days, and enjoyed reviewing our travels.  The Columbia Gorge is simply beautiful.

gorge agorge b

gorge f gorge c

dirty bikeThe next morning we attended domestic chores...washing the clothes and washing the motorcycle. I'll leave it to you to figure out who did what. 

We met up with Unc Chunk (my dear uncle, Chuck) and hung out for a few hours.  After living in the Portland area for about 20 years, he and his family are preparing to move back east.  He is the patriarch of my family and I am blessed to see him several times each year. 

Sunday afternoon we had been invited to a BBQ at our friends' Jeff and Lisa's. 
Jeff's Mom was there as well as our other friends Starr and her kidlet. 

 starr kidlet
lisa bdThey were incredibly gracious and cooked a magnificent meal.  We didn't know  until the middle of dinner....but it was Lisa's birthday. 
boysTheir boys, Anthony and Matthew have already signed up to go on The Teamster's next Tour.

Back at the hotel we walked along the river onto the little marina.

This morning, after breakfast we headed toward McMinnville Oregon to the   Evergreen Aviation Museum, and home of the Spruce Goose.  

  museumsg k
sg g
sg dave

sg isg b

We only toured the Aviation portion...and would love to go back to tour the Air and Space side...and see their IMAX showings. 
sg c sg e
 The roads through Oregon are really beautiful.  There are a variety of fields and farms and ranches.  The landscape changes every fifty or so miles.
 f cf a
f df g

f kf e
f hf j
f i

Those cows are not happy cows.

Happy Cows are from California.

Tonight we are in Roseburg, Oregon. 
The Five-O tour has rolled just about 3,300 miles.



Bond said...

So very cool y'all got to meet Jeff/Lisa the boys and Starr & Kidlet...

Stay safe on the road.

Jeff B said...

Our poor cows are so sad. Maybe they need a vacation south.

We had a great time the other night. Really glad it worked out that we could get together.

Kathrine, you may be getting a marriage proposal from Matthew. Your game of badminton with him put you squarely as "the tops" with him.

Michael J. said...

Oh you are soooo right. Oregon is a very picturesque state. They seem to have everything there except maybe happy cows. Who knew? I see by the group photo at the birthday dinner that Dr pepper is the proud sponsor of the 50 tour. Do I see large endorsement fees in the future? Take as many pictures as you can, we will want to see them all. And to Kathrine could you get a few more shots of that growth on the side of Teamsters head? It's got me a little worried. Could it be? No it can't be! But it must be#@$%%^ HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya
Have a blast!

Mike & Wendy

SierraSnowSoaps said...

did you stop and see steve and cathy moe in myrtle creek?

Desert Songbird said...

Fun, wonderful, and gorgeous photos all in one post. *sigh*

Looks like you are having a marvelous trip. Stay safe, you two, and keep posting the incredible photos!

(Glad you got to meet Jeff/Lisa/boys and Starr/Kidlet - I'm very envious!)

Bobbie said...

Glad to see your post this morning. OR. has many beautiful places to see. Great pictures...keep it up.
Not it can't be!!!!!!!
Keep safe..."143"

Sandee said...

How cool. I saw the post over at Jeff's. Glad you could meet another blogger. This blogging is a wonderful thing.

You made me laugh out loud with the cow statement. Well, it's true.

Have a terrific and safe trip. You are getting closer and closer to home. Big hug to you both. :)

Linda said...

I'm with Sandee, I cracked up laughing at the happy cow comment! I bet Oregon cows are contented cows, though!

Looks like you have been having an absolutely fantastic time and that the weather has been good for you, too.

Mel said... and Jeff and happy cows..... Mind you, I think the California cows lie. LOL I've seen 'em. THOSE are not happy cows.

Just sayin'.... :-/

And wonderful photos. I'm liking that there's 400 just in the past two days! I'm feeling 'normal'. :-D