May 15, 2009

Forgot to post day 2....sorry.....

Yesterday what sort of an exhausting day.  I had battled the rain for the first 50 miles and had put in a fairly long day, plus stayed up late visiting with Mickey and Dave. 

So, I decided to make today a short day.  I only logged in 200 miles.  I slept until almost 9 o'clock, which is very late for me.  I knew I was tired and being on the bike I am fully aware of the need to be rested.  I left Teach at around 10 and ventured east and north. 

The wind was pretty severe...the kind that wants to blow your helmet off.  I rode east on 58 to the town of Mohave, and like the Altamount pass,has many wind mills.

DSC_0019 DSC_0022

From Mojave, I picked up 14 east to connect with 395 towards Lone Pine to see Mt. Whitney.  Along the way, I rode through a small canyon called the Red Rock Canyon. 



Now those who know me may not know that I really, really like the desert and mountainous landscape of the "east" side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  The openness and the rawness of the landscape is what I enjoy.

DSC_0042 DSC_0043

Not far from these pictures is the city of Lone Pine and you can see Mt. Whitney from here..

can anyone tell me which is Lone Pine Peak and which is Whitney?

DSC_0048 DSC_0045


hope I'm not boring you.......

So....from here I head east to Death Valley with a destination of Panamint Springs, which is on the western edge of Death Valley.  This will give me the opportunity to get up early and check out the sites of the Valley before it gets too hot.  I was going to golf at Furnace Creek, but have decided not to because of cost and it's suppose to be 109 degrees by Tuesday.  I'd rather spend that 5 hours looking at the other sites and get out to beat the heat.

I DSC_0084  DSC_0095

DSC_0088 DSC_0091

These bottom two pictures were my view from dinner as the sun set on these west facing mountains east of us....

so day 2 is a success and if anyone remembers the star date numbers, please forward them to me...I'd like to date all my posts with the star date.


Desert Songbird said...

Well, as someone who lives east of the Sierra Nevadas (waaaaay east!), I can appreciate the deserts and surrounding countryside.

Mel said...

Oh wow....what a whole lot of fantasic views....

Yaknow--you could just post photo after photo after photo. I'm sure you could solicit some help with the photo taking. :-)

Really--what grand views!