May 16, 2009


Ok....maybe not young any more, but heading west....Pendleton, Oregon is a nice little town known for it's annual Rodeo in which they expect in the excess of 100,000 people for their 100th year in September.  The area use to be the largest supplier of wool products in the United States and the name for the "Pendleton" shirt.
We just hung out, ate, went to the farmer's market and relaxed. 
DSC_0230 DSC_0231
And now we are heading west..DSC_0260
The ride up "the" 84, although it's freeway was a pretty nice ride and some pretty cool waterfalls....
DSC_0110 DSC_0113
DSC_0119 DSC_0139
We have way too many pictures to go through and once they are categorized, I'll post a few more.  We are in Oregon City, Oregon for two days.    Start heading south on Monday....Miles to date is 3070......a pretty good 50th birthday so far...


SierraSnowSoaps said...

Ok. Have fun in OR we love it there.
I have a suite reserved for you at the CVI. It is the Manzanita Room with a balcony. I have the wine walk from 4 till 7. You can have breakfast with me friday morning, I will be at work. I have until Tue. to cancel the room or they will charge your credit card, oh wait I did not give them a credit card, oh well.
I guess we pissed the girl from Spain's hosts off, they took her to SF yesterday. We are still going to take her on the 29th, when I find out what they saw I can let K know and she can get some cool hints from her dd on what else we should show Marina.
Love Michelle

Linda said...

Beautiful waterfalls! Looks like you are having a beautiful ride (and now with a beautiful lady accompanying you!).

Enjoy Oregon - will look forward to more pictures as you go!

Bobbie said...

We remember the Multnomah waterfalls. the are awesome. Enjoy you day off.
Stay safe.... "143"

Desert Songbird said...

I had some Pendleton wool blazers!

Great photos, again. Love the old police car.

Mel said...

*happy sigh*

If some photos are good--MORE is better! :-)

You just keep enjoying that 50th!

Bond said...

Hope you had fun with the crew on Sunday.

Looking forward to some pictures of that.

Michael H said...

Man, you sre are getting to see some beautiful country. Pictures are great. Cant wait to see you.